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name title
Original Article Kim, Ji Hyun A study of Integrated research process -Between design and social science research- - 32
Original Article Grahita, Banung Identification of The Character Figures Visual Style in Wayang Beber of Pacitan Painting- 40
Original Article Park, Suna The study concerning the Concreteness and Abstractness of Icon Design -Focused on the Mobile Application Icon- - 48
Original Article Lee, Jiwon Building an ecological sense of place in metropolitan public footpaths through architectural enclosure- 60
Categories for paper

・Original Atricle

A paper in this category has to be a logical and empirical report of the study, the review and the proposal by the author on the issue of digital art and design based on media technology. It also has to who study digital art and design. Number of pages : 6-10

・Art Paper

A paper in this category has to consist of the author's practice, result and expository writing on the field of digital art and design. It also has to have the originality in its concepts, methods, expression techniques and making process, and the result should have some values which can be shared with ADADA members or the people who study digital art and design. Number of pages : 6-10


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